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Forgot some stuff ^^;;

I forgot to say in my introduction..I am a fundamentalist christian. I am proud to be saved (big thanks to my parents and family). :3 I will admit I've had my share of doubts on God and Jesus Christ, but I've always prayed for forgiveness. Right now, I'm going through some tough times and I'm in the 'I want answers now' stage with God. I have trouble with patience. I am also having trouble dealing with my Asperger's syndrome. I am not blaming God for giving it to me, but I've been taking medication for its other comobrid conditions that I have and I'm still learning on how to be independent and taking care of myself. I still live with my mother and it's hard on her to still have one of her children at home. I feel so frustrated. I turn to God for answers, it feels like he's ignoring me at times, but I know he's not. I am also reading the Bible for the first time in my life. I'm also in the works of making a manga (christian related, but more 'down-to-earth'). It's called "Tasukatta" which means "Helped" or 'Saved' in japanese.
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