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Okay, I'm rather new to lj, been on for about a year and have posted twice to communities. Just recently, I realized that there maybe other geeks out in the world that talk about anime as much as I.  My friends tend to post that i'm addicted or a complete geek and rarely comment on my latest conquest of anime. 

I once said that I do not view anime as a hobby but rather a life style, oddly enough they thought i was on crack.  I personally see that each series and genre has something deeper to be learned and grasped then just watching for entertainment value. 

My latest conquests were Prince of Tennis, Death Note, Darker than Black, Code Geass, Gillgamesh and I'm watching Bleach right now.
 I have an interest in finding other friends who love anime as much as i do.
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Hi there! No one has posted to this community in a lonnnngg time. I'm watching Bleach and Death Note right now. I post a lot of stuff about Bleach, and most of my LJ friends (who are not particularly into anime) just kinda ignore it. ^_^ Oh, well. I also post to Bleach-specific communities to get my geek fix!

I agree with you that a lot of these shows can reach us on multiple levels. This is why I get so into anime in the first place.

Bleach and Death Note combo... wow...

I watched Death Note first, and when I started Bleach it was hard for me to get accustom to the new look at death gods.

I'm on episode 125 of Bleach, its very interesting. How far have you gotten?
Not nearly so far as you. I'm only on ep 67 right now. But I've seen the musicals! :D
well i've been watching it on and off since November 1st, I think more on then off. However, I have seen several other anime during that month too.
Ithink i may watch 6 episodes of anime an evening. I don't have cable or anything cause I felt that the majority of shows I would watch would be anime, and I couldn't get the anime network, so i resigned to netflix and borrowing and so on. I can't get into people shows, after awhile its just boring and alot of them have the same plots and when the directors can't think of what to do next, it becomes some soap.
I think that shows how much of a geek I am.

at my church I was asked to help with graphics for life groups, and I wanted cherry blossoms lol... lets just say i was really stuck on the whole symbolism. I even named my car Daisuke Niwa ^_^... I can't help it.
I even named my car Daisuke Niwa ^_^... I can't help it.

Haha! Well, I have a new kitten named "Uryuu."
Ha! I LOVE Death Note. I always try to recommend it to people, because I think it does have much deeper meanings but they tend to lose interest when they hear it's a comic/anime >.> I've been saying I'm going to read Bleach for a long time but I haven't done it yet...but I will!! I'd be glad to talk anime with you some time.
I would say death note is my favorite but I liked it better than Gilgamesh. I do know what you mean though about people losing interest wants you tell them that this grand adventure is animated... ugh!! in my women's group at church we are going through this book call 'women of purpose', anyway, in the book it posed a question 'what are your hobbies and how can you use them for God?" needless to say, they laughed when they thought of me watching anime and they requested to know more of why it appeals to me... anyway, when i mentioned the meaningful proverbs in each series, they literally thought anime quoted scripture.. and though some do that wasn't what i was talking about.. and ugh!!!!!!!! i find that i get prejudged when i mention watching anime.... not judged that i'm a bad person but you can feel the disapproval of an adult watching cartoons... i than bring up not being able to handle american cartoons cause the drawings suck... and its just amazing how when anime is brought up, all of a sudden you are less mature than they are... lol... heehe huh... i went on a bit of a vent there... but yeh.. don't find alot of people out there that like anime as much as i do.. once i told someone... anime isn't a hobby, its a life style.... lol when you dream in animation, you have crossed over into my world lol but yes i would love to talk about anime.. currently i'm watching Kenshin, i like the japanese voices better than the dubbed version..

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I'm watching Kenshen now, I love it. I tried the dub version and I can't handle it and had to switch to subtitles. Oddly enough, before POT I would of never dreamed of watching any anime in the original language. Now I can't watch it in english. lol