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Hajimemashite! ^_^

Hi. My name means "deep-person who is obsessed". I chose that name because in reality, that is what I am basically, a deep otaku into: anime, manga, and anything that's japanese (all except for the religion, I shall always be christian) ^_^ I have been into anime since I was at least in kindergarten back in the late 80's with the american versions of anime titles such as: Maple Town Monogatari, Maya the Bee, The Little Prince,Unico, Superbook, Flying House, there was an ABC special called "Kingdom Chums: Little David's Adventure". The animation is japanese. I love to read manga in japanese (I can only read furigana for right now, some kanji). I also enjoy japanese music. I listen to it just about everyday. XDDDD I also draw in the more 'anime' style, but I'm trying to develop my own style now. Over the years I've favored some manga-ka, they are:
Adachi Mitsuru
Takahashi Rumiko
Kusunoki Kei
Sonoda Kenichi
Mikimoto Haruhiko
Toriyama Akira

That's all I can think of right now. Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^_^
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