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I was never much for reading comic books to be totally truthful, but be it a Saturday morning cartoon, a movie or a docmuntery... I absolutely can't get enough of Superheros. You ask me about one in partucular and I could probally tell you more than you wanted to know about them. It seems with the release of several big movies over the last few years that superheroes are coming back into style. This kind of made me stop and think about what actually makes a superhero and why is the world so obcessed with them? My friend Ian would probally tell you that I like superheroes because they best people up with wicked awsome powers and look cool doing it. And while this may be partially true, is that why people like superheroes so much? I would hope not! The ability to beat up others as a stand alone trait makes one nothing more than a bully, much less a hero. So I ask you what DOES make a hero? Let's take a look at three of my personal favorites and see if we can't figgure it out.

Peter Parker was you typical geeky 15 year old until he was bitten by a Radioactive spider on a Sophmore field trip. After the incident he found he had absorbed the powers of the Spider and became the Incredible Spider-Man. The first thing Peter tried to do was use his powers to get money, but in thinking only of hisself he stood by as a robber ran from the police. Only to find out that that very same robber later killed his Uncle Ben while making his get away.... Uncle Ben's words rang in the back of his head from that day forth "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" from that day forth, Spider-man could be found swinging across the skyline of New York fighting crime.Now just because he was Spider-man, it didn't mean he could just quit his life outside of the mask, so Peter juggled highschool life and a crime fighter's life at the cost of any freetime, social life, or sleep that he may have otherwise had.
Sacrificing of yourself for the good of others... does that make a hero?

Clark Kent found out at a young age that he was not the farmboy from Kansas that he had always thought he was. In fact, he was in actuality Kal-el, the last survivor of the planet Krytpon. Eventually he started developing powers beyond imagination. Eventually with the help of some glasses that still boggle the minds of fans today, Clark hid hisself away as a mild mannered reporter, not telling anyone that he was really Superman, lest harm come to those he loved as a result.
With powers as great as those of Kal-el he could have easliy taken over this entire world and lived as the most powerful king ever. He could have had these humans waiting on him hand and foot if he so wished, but rather than do that he hides away as a reporter, keeps his identy a secret so as NOT to attract the fame and respect he rightfully deserves, and even more than that, he actually devotes his life to saving people. Mankind is really nothing but ants to Superman, but whenever the people of Metropolis are in trouble all they need do is look do the sky and Superman will be there to save the day.
Humbling yourself, looking after those under you, those weaker than you, and those who can't take care of themselves... does that make a hero?

Charles Xavier founded a school that serves as a savehaven for mutants all over the world. A genetic mutation at birth has caused these people to be born with powers often beyond even their own control. Humans fear mutants, afraid that they will overpower them all, and as a result have grown hateful towards mutants, many going as far as disowning their own kids for being born a mutant. Knowing nothing but hatred from birth, many of these mutants grown hateful of humans, many going as far as wanting to wipe mankind off the face of the Earth for their cruel treatment of mutants. But Xavier teaches all at his school that one day Humans and Mutants can get along peacefully... his school is also home to the X-Men, a group of mutants who fight tirelessly to defend mankind against mutants that seek to destroy them... and what thanks do the X-Men usually get for this? They get booed and jeered, they get slandered and hated, and sometimes even beaten. And yet without fail, whenever mankind needs protection, the X-Men are there. Showing love, even when love is not returned... showing kindness to someone who doesn't deserve it... standing up for what's right, even if you are mistreated and hated for it... does that make a hero?

I think a hero is so not because they can swing from buliding to building, not because they are faster than a speeding bullet, not because they have cool claws or can fly, or even because they can manage to look good in tights. I think it's not strength of body that makes a hero, but strength of heart.

Heroes are around us everywhere, you don't need to pick up a comic book, a movie or a video game to find them. This world is full of Men and Women that possess a heart just as strong as any Superman out there. In fact, you might be someone's hero... someone might be looking up to you and you're not even aware. Someone might see something in you that ignites a small spark in them. Let's all strive to be hero material.

I suppose the two questions I'll leave you with in all this are...

1) Who is your Hero?

2) Why are they your Hero?

Until Next time True Believers!

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